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CATTLE is an integrated cancer treatment resource with linked evidence from a comprehensive set of heterogeneous data sources. Users seeking information for approved or potential cancer drugs can use CATTLE as a one-stop web portal, since CATTLE collects and integrates different types of information across the full-spectrum of a drug development cycle (from pre-clinical studies to post-market surveillance).

CATTLE currently catalogues146 FDA-approved drugs and 2,176 candidate drugs in clinical trials associated with 108 types of cancers and 12,584 genes. Users can query the database using drug names, cancer types, gene names or gene variations, to obtain summaries of topics of interest in an effortless way. Links to a comprehensive list of external resources are also provided as evidence, allowing users to quickly access and investigate prior research results. Currently CATTLE integrates more than 35 different data sources, such as general drug knowledge bases (e.g., DrugBank and KEGG Drug), pharmacological information sources (e.g., drug@fda and NCI Thesaurus), pharmacogenomics databases (e.g., PharmaGKB, CCLE and GDSC), literature (MEDLINE), patents (USPTO), phamacovigilance data (e.g., FAERS), adverse reaction data (SIDER), and clinical trials (ClinicalTrials.gov).

Being the first integrated data source containing an extensive list of cancer drugs linking to the full-spectrum of available information, CATTLE is expected to be a valuable resource for cancer treatment research.

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